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Monthly Board Meetings:

The District Board meets at the SCD office, 313 N Parkway, the 2nd Tuesday of every month. The meetings begin at 7:00 am and the public is welcomed to attend.


International Soybean Consortium Visits Griggs Farms

Tuesday, August 27 -

This summer a small group from Europe interested in Soybeans took a road trip to the States. The trip included a visit to the farm of Matt & Kelly Griggs. The group was headed by Eugene Philhower, Regional Representative of the U. S. Soybean Export Council. Guests of Mr. Philhower included farming advocates representing various farming publications from Belgium and Germany, representatives of the Belgian and Germany Feed Associations,  and Alex Miller, Commercial Manager for Cargill's soy operations in UK/Ireland and Benelux. The group was accompanied by State Conservationist Sheldon Hightower, Public Affairs Specialist Katherine Burse and Area Conservationist Curt McDaniel. Everyone met at Matt's shop where Matt & Kelly welcomed the group and gave an overview of their farming operation. After the introduction the group boarded a trailer to tour stands of cotton, corn and soybeans. Matt led his European visitors into standing corn plots where he has been conducting cover crop research. As Matt dug into the soil he discussed the many benefits of cover crops and addressed several questions from members of the group. Matt credited the soil's dark brown layer to the increase of soil organic matter resulting from his intensive use of cover crops. After the visit the group posed for a group pictures before heading to Charlie Roberts farm in Lauderdale County. 




District Hosts Local Cover Crop - Soil Health Meeting

Wednesday, Feb. 27th -


On Feb. 27th thirty-five attended a winter cover soil health meeting held at our office which is shared with NRCS. Farmers from Madison, Chester, Gibson, and Lauderdale Counties attended. Marty Hinson with Cannon Packaging provided guests with coffee, juice, ham and biscuits, and chicken and biscuits. Sheldon Hightower introduced himself to the group as NRCS's new State Conservationist. Tyson Raper, a cotton specialist with UT, reported on cover crop field studies UT has been conducting. Dr. Lloyd Murdock explained how fragipans were formed, how common they are, and why and how they severely lower yields. Dr. Murdock shared test results the University of Kentucky has been doing on the use of annual Ryegrass to remediate fragipans. Unlike traffic pans, fragipans, "pans", are naturally occurring cemented layers of soil that virtually stop water movement and root growth. Such pans are common in west Tennessee and affects 20% of Madison County Soils. Depending on the amount of soil erosion pans in Madison County can start as shallow as the surface or start as deep as 36 inches. Deep pans have practically no affects on crops while shallow pans can make crop production unprofitable. Although shallow pans can be temporarily disrupted by plowing they quickly cement back. Plowing is probably not a good remedy since that is usually why the pans are so near the surface. Ryegrass produces an abundance of roots. Many of the roots are capable of going several inches deep within the growing season. These roots create a chemical that dissolves the pan as they find their way through week points in the pan. The research Dr. Murdock and UK has done is promising. Dr. Murdock's presentation peeked the interest of everyone in the room. Anyone interested in cover crops and soil health is encouraged to attend our meetings. Cost-share money to seed cover crops is available through the District and NRCS.


Madison County SCD Annual Banquet

February 26th -


Over 100 guests attended our Awards & Appreciation Banquet. This was Allen Verells' last time to host the District banquet as he declined to run for reelection to the board. Everyone was treated to a steak or chicken dinner. Sheldon Hightower introduced himself as NRCS's new State Conservationist. Mr. Hightower gave a brief talk on NRCS work in Tennessee. Guest speaker, Matt Griggs, spoke on his experience growing cover crops to improve his soil properties.    Daniel Graves was recognized as the District's Outstanding Cooperator of 2018 (article follows). At the conclusion of the meeting there was a drawing for the 20 potted plants that decorated the tables, along with the head table centerpiece from Sand's Old Hickory Florist, and 4, $25 gift cards from Four Seasons Nursery.


Madison County SCD District Cooperator of the Year

Banquet February 26th -


Daniel Graves was honored at the District's Awards and Appreciation Banquet, being recognized by the District as their 2018 Outstanding Cooperator. Daniel has worked closely with the District and NRCS to protect and conserve his cropland in North Madison County. He rotates his crops, soil tests regularly, practices precision agriculture, and has been no-tilling for several years. His cropland has several conservation practices that he maintains. In the past few years he has installed several erosion and water control practices including terraces, grade control structures, and basins.   To protect his soil from erosion and to improve his soil properties Daniel has been planting a mix blend of winter hardy plants after fall harvest. Daniel attends winter cover - soil health meetings to learn from others and to share his cover crop experience.


ELECTION RESULTS - Madison County SCD Board of Supervisors Election

Feb. 20 - 22

The State Soil Conservation Committee held the Madison County SCD board election on Feb. 20th, 21st, and 22nd.  Allen Verell and Don Pearson declined to run for another three year term. Allen had served on the board for 24 years while Don had served for 6 years. Alan Ewell was reelected to a second 3 year term. Chris Couch and Matt Griggs were elected to the board for the first time. Alan, Chris, and Matt will served on the board with Don Johnson and Joel Haynes who were appointed to the board by the State Soil Conservation Committee.


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