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Water Concerns


Our two basic water concerns are that it is clean and that it is plentiful. West Tennessee including Madison county is blessed with an abundance of clean water. However, there are some concerns.

Soil in fields is dislodged by rainfall.

Soil suspened in storm runoff makes its way into streams and rivers.

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation monitors streams and publishes a report every two years that lists all streams they have assessed and have found the water quality to be limited to some degree. The report is call the 303(d) list. (Interactive 303(d) Map). The 303(d) list has 28 streams in Madison County that are impaired totaling some 293 miles. The pollutant sources include Land Development, Non-irrigated Crop Production, Channelization, Pasture Grazing, Discharges from a MS4 Area, Upstream Impoundment, Stream bank Modifications, Sand/Rock/Gravel Mining, Dredge Mining, Animal Feeding Operations, Collection System Failure, and Package Plant. Effect of the pollution include Loss of biological integrity due to siltation, Physical Substrate Habitat Alterations, Escherichia coli, Flow alteration, Phosphorus, and Habitat loss. 


Causes of Stream Pollution - TDEC


Most of Madison County's household water comes from wells sunk into groundwater aquifers. The aquifers are quite large with trillions of gallons of water. Recent studies open concerns that the large volume of water taken from these aquifers each day by large municipalities and by rice farmers in Arkansas could affect the quantity of water and increase contaminates especially chlorinated solvents and degreasers.

Obviously surface waters and ground waters are linked as surface waters act to replenish our ground water and ground water feeds our streams. As wetlands are developed the ground water recharge system is affected. When people are careless with contaminates around well sites and wetlands or over apply chemicals these contaminates can leach into our ground water supply.