Madison County Soil Conservation District 

Serving to Conserve Madison County's Soil & Related Natural Resources Since 1941

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We have worked with schools to develop natural trails, handouts for students, a PowerPoint slideshow illustrating conservation and what NRCS and the District does, and we have participated in Earth Day events for the last several years.


Below are hyperlinks to some of the learning handouts in PDF form that we have developed.


The Surface of the Earth

Why Conserve

Celebrating the Earth

How much water is there?


Sammy Soils Coloring Story Book - created by Howard Whitaker - USDA, NRCS


Conservation in the Classroom


Mary Beth Flowers, Madison County SCD Secretary, visits the third grade classes of Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Browning at the Jackson Preparatory School in Jackson. Mary Beth discussed the partnership and function of the District and NRCS, as the group viewed the PowerPoint presentation that she had developed. To facilitate the presentation Mary Beth brought a landscape model that depicts storm runoff from farms, factories, and residential areas, and shows how sediment, chemicals and other pollutants can flow into our streams and lakes if adequate conservation measures are not used. The class was very attentive and asked several pertinent questions.