Madison County Soil Conservation District 

Serving to Conserve Madison County's Soil & Related Natural Resources Since 1941

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We host an awards and appreciation banquet each year where we recognize an outstanding conservation minded farmer or agricultural landowner who has worked closely with us to develop a conservation farm plan and to apply conservation practices. Past recipients are listed below. Several local agricultural related businesses are affiliated with the District and help to sponsor our annual banquet.


Madison County Soil Conservation District

Conservation Awards

1980 - 2018


John S. Smith                    Conservation Farmer                     1980

Bill Woods                        Conservation Farmer                     1981

Bill Wilbur                        Conservation Farmer                     1982

Jimmy Tedford                Conservation Farmer                     1983

Neil Smith                         Conservation Farmer                     1984

Hays Lee Allen                Conservation Farmer                     1985

Jimmy Boggs                    Conservation Farmer                     1986

Billy Donnell                    Conservation Farmer                     1987

Neely Robley                    Outstanding Cooperator               1988

Sylvester Hill                    Outstanding Cooperator               1989

Dennis Collins                  Conservation Farmer                     1989

Mark Smith                       Conservation Farmer                     1990

James Fletcher                 Conservation Farmer                     1991

Alma Williamson            Outstanding Cooperator               1992

Couch Farms                     Conservation Farmer                    1992

Allen Verell                        Conservation Farmer                    1993

Nichols Farms Inc.          Conservation Farmer                     1994

Jimmy Bond                      Conservation Farmer                     1995

Harbert Alexander        Outstanding Cooperator                 1995

Joel Haynes                       Conservation Farmer                     1996

Homer Jones                     Conservation Farmer                     1997

Don Johnson                     Conservation Farmer                     1998

John Parrish                      Conservation Farmer                     1999

David Bird                         Conservation Farmer                     2000

Keith Salmon                    Outstanding Cooperator               2001

Catherine Forsyth          Outstanding Cooperator                2002

Franklin James                Outstanding Cooperator                2003

Teddy Hazlehurst           Outstanding Cooperator                2004

Ward Grove Farms        Outstanding Cooperator                2005

Pearson Farms                Outstanding Cooperator                2006

Scott Woolfolk                Outstanding Cooperator                 2007

Don Bailey                        Outstanding Cooperator                 2008

Brad Tinsley                     Outstanding Cooperator                 2009

Kenny Manning               Outstanding Cooperator                2010

Dr. Harris Lake Smith   Outstanding Cooperator                 2011

Taylor Farms                    Outstanding Cooperator                 2012

Jared King                          Outstanding Cooperator                 2013

Brad Cochran                   Outstanding Cooperator                 2014

Dr. G.E. Hazlehurst         Outstanding Cooperator                 2015

Matt Griggs                        Outstanding Cooperator                2016

John Thomas Moore      Outstanding Cooperator                2017

Daniel Graves                   Outstanding Cooperator                2018