Madison County Soil Conservation District 

Serving to Conserve Madison County's Soil & Related Natural Resources Since 1941

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The Tennessee Association of Conservation Districts (TACD) is the nonprofit organization that represents Tennessee's 95 Soil Conservation Districts and the 475 men and women who serve of their governing boards. TACD's mission is to represent, promote and support Soil Conservation Districts in their efforts to assist Tennesseans in the protection and wise use of natural resources. TACD's organization is divided into 3 divisions; East, Middle, and West Tennessee, with each division divided into 3 areas. The association has a President, Vice-President, Secretary, & Treasurer, Council Member to NACD, with each division having a Vice President and each area having a director and two vice-directors.



Officers and Directors 2016


Executive Director: Danny Sells, Washington County SCD




President:  Roy Gillis, Washington County SCD

Vice President:  Kelly Stockton, Jackson County SCD

Secretary:  Bill Parker, Lauderdale County SCD

Treasurer: Donna Kitts, Grainger SCD


NACD Board Member: Ray Weaver, Coffee County SCD


Divisional Vice Presidents


East Tennessee Vice President: Roy Gillis, Washington County SCD

Middle Tennessee Vice President: Kelly Stockton, Jackson County SCD

West Tennessee Vice President: Eric Dupree, Crockett County SCD


Area Directors


Area I Director: Lynice Broyles, Washington County SCD

Area II Director: Calvin Thompson, Knox County SCD

Area III Director: Bob Aikman, Rhea County SCD

Area IV Director: Jim Bledsoe, Fentress County SCD

Area V Director: Gordon Millsaps, Moore County SCD

Area VI Director: Darwin Newton, Cheatham County SCD

Area VII Director: Kirk Daniel, Tipton County SCD

Area VIII Director: Robert French, Benton County SCD

Area IX Director: Ed Sumara, Lake County SCD




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