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Gully Control



Gully Control Structures also referred to as Grade Stabilization Structures and Grade Control Structures are used to control the advancement of gullies. They are commonly installed at the lower end of fields where the storm water exits the field and enters a creek. This is usually at the head of a steep and abrupt drop off. Grade Control Structures usually take the unstable grade out of a water course by dropping the storm runoff down several feet in a short distance to a stable grade. The water is either temporarily impounded by a dam where it is dropped through a pipe or the water is dropped unimpeded over a bed of concrete or rocks. In any case, to size the grade structure the watershed has to be evaluated to determine the runoff and flow rate of the watershed. The following drainage characteristics of a watershed determine the runoff and flow rates that can be expected from various storm events. We usually design our structures for what is referred to as a 10 year 24 hour storm. This storm has 5.4 inches falling within a 24 hour period with most of the rain falling within a couple of hours somewhere in the middle of the 24 hour rain event. Depending on soils and the land use within the watershed the runoff from the 5.4 inch rain can vary from less than 2 inches to more than 4 inches. 

The total acres draining to the structure "the watershed"

 The acres of each soil type within the watershed

 The acres of each land use within the watershed, grass, trees, roads, etc...

 The average slope within the drainage area

 The length of the watershed



Pictures of Different Gully Control Structures










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